My name is Cedric Meriau. I am a French-born,
San Francisco based designer who enjoys sketching, conceptualizing and designing simple and clean interfaces.

I have been working in design for over 17 years.
I started my career as a decorator at Disneyland Paris, then transitioned into print. My passion for technology naturally drove me first to the CD-Rom and later to the Internet, working for advertising agencies like Digitas, before going freelance.

I am currently Lead UX, UI Designer at Tagged in San Francisco, designing new products and applications. I still have the same passion and curiosity for imagery I had on day-one of my first job.

In my free time, I still create interfaces and contribute to several french news websites including Macplus (over 35k unique visitors per day) and VincennesTV (Local TV).

If you’d like to know more, check out my portfolio, download my resume, or connect with me on Linkedin. Or you could simply sit back, relax and enjoy my Instagram shots.

What's up?

  • 02-08-13 Linkedin

    Working on redesign of Linkedin’s Talent pages. Stay tuned...

  • 11-16-12 Anologix Slimport

    MicroWebsite for Slimport has been launched. Excited!

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